September 21, 2021

"Excellent service! Came out same day and resolved the problem quickly and professionally. I want to note I had 2 other "electricians" come in and offer to put holes in my walls to "fix" my electrical problem.This was never needed. This gentlemen came in, tested a few things, and knew what the problem was before FINDING it. This expert analysis of the problem led us to finding the bad wiring and boxes.Highly recommended from someone whos hired a lot of contractors. Might be one of my best experiences using an electrician."
July 19, 2021

"Great electricians. I moved into a house and had an inspection done. The house needed electric work. I called A1 to go over the house again to make sure the inspector found everything. A1 found several more problems, two potential fire hazards, which the inspector missed. A1 did the work for a really good price and of high quality. They replaced some outlets, rewired something in the breaker box, installed ceiling fans and some lights, put in covered outside outlets, and put a sleeve on wires under the sink. They work fast and answered all the questions I had. I highly recommend A1 for your electric needs."
July 17, 2021

"Upon arrival these two gentlemen asked questions of my outage and problem. I found them to be very informative of household wiring and started in tracing for answers. Within 30 minutes everything was secured and checked. Finding an old GFI outlet outside not used for over 30 years had shorted out. Breaker would not accept current. A quick inspection of my electric upgrades to the system over the past 30 years was given a check and an unforseen situation was brought to my attention. All and all everything was explained and shown to me. A relief for sure to get up and running at a fair price."
July 1, 2021

"Boss and team did both electrical work and plumbing. Have hired 3x in 9mos, great work!"
June 11, 2021

Rockford IL

"I have hired A-1 (Jeff and Mark) for the electrical and plumbing needs of 2 apartments. They are always available in a timely manner, do terrific work and are Always Affordable!!"
A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing