Licensed Plumber Employment Opportunities in Cherry Valley, IL

Hiring Electricians & Plumbers in Cherry Valley, IL

A-1 Affordable Electrical & Plumbing in Rockford has separate openings for an experienced and licensed electrician and plumber. Both positions are full-time and pay up to $30 hourly with the potential for overtime pay. Each job description appears below.

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Licensed Plumber Employment Opportunities in Cherry Valley, IL

Just because you’re a licensed plumber doesn’t mean you can simply work wherever you want. As a matter of fact, many licensed plumbers have a tough time getting a job right when they become journeymen. It’s important to look for a job that offers good pay and benefits in addition to plenty of work. If you’re looking for licensed plumber employment opportunities in Cherry Valley, IL, A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing is here to help.

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Licensed Plumber Employment Opportunities in Cherry Valley, IL

When our customers call us with a plumbing problem, we make it our mission to get that problem solved as soon as possible. A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing is dedicated to providing fast, effective and friendly service to all our customers, which means solving problems with a smile. Whether a customer has a problem with a fixture or appliance in their home, needs a coupling replaced or has a burst pipe that requires emergency services, the licensed plumbers at A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing answer the call every time.

  • Fixtures and Replacements

    A bad fixture is one of the most common problems for homeowners to face. Fixtures such as faucets and toilets are only designed to last so long, and using them for longer periods of time means you’re risking damage. At A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing, our plumbers are always ready to replace or repair a fixture for Cherry Valley, IL, homeowners. From basic fixture replacements to upgrades and more, we can do it all.

  • Water Heater Installation

    Most homeowners take advantage of hot water as soon as they wake up in the morning. As great as this hot water is, homeowners can’t get access to hot water without a water heater. This is why the folks at A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing are dedicated to making sure every homeowner has a good water heater that they can rely on. As a licensed plumber, you’ll do plenty of water heater installation.

  • Emergency Services

    Homeowners can’t always wait for a plumber to have an available appointment, which is why A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing offers emergency services as well as standard services. When customers call our emergency line, our licensed plumbers head straight to the source of the problem to get it fixed before any water damage occurs. These emergency services are an important part of what A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing does.

Residential Electrical Upgrades in Cherry Valley, IL

A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing could have stopped at providing plumbing services, but we wanted to create the best experience for our customers. For that reason, A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing offers both plumbing and electrical services, which includes a range of residential upgrades for your Cherry Valley, IL, home.

  • Fuse-to-Breaker Upgrades

    For quite some time now, fuse boxes have been considered the out-of-date cousin of breaker boxes. If you live in an older home that still has a fuse box in it, call us to upgrade your fuse box to something safer. Breaker boxes are more likely to shut off electricity when needed, which keeps you, your family and your home safe.

  • Amperage Upgrades

    If you’re having trouble running certain electronics or appliances in your home, it could be because your electrical system isn’t powerful enough. At A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing, we can help you optimize your electrical system with amperage upgrades. If you’ve got electronics that constantly trip breakers or simply won’t work, we have your back.

Are you looking for employment opportunities as a licensed plumber in Cherry Valley, IL?

With all the time you spend becoming a licensed plumber, there’s no worse feeling than struggling to find a good job after you’re licensed. For many people, this means picking up little odd jobs while looking for full-time employment. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about employment if you just became a licensed plumber near Cherry Valley, IL. A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing is always looking for licensed plumbers to join our team, so you have a place to go as soon as you’re a journeyman plumber. To find out more about working for A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing as a licensed plumber, give us a call today or visit our office to apply.

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Licensed Plumber Employment Opportunity FAQs

If you still have questions about the services A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing provides or becoming a licensed plumber for us, we’ve got the answers you need below.

Can you upgrade my outdated fuse box? Definitely! Fuse boxes are no longer used in homes because they’re not as failsafe as breaker boxes, which means upgrading from an old fuse box to a newer breaker box is always a smart idea. Even better, upgrading from your outdated fuse box is as easy as calling A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing and scheduling an appointment.

Do you offer emergency services? We do! We know that every homeowner has different needs, and some homeowners need problems fixed fast before they cause serious damage. This is why A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing offers emergency services for everything from stopping leaks to replacing fixtures.

Do you offer free estimates? Absolutely! At A-1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing, we believe customers should know what they’re paying for before they spend their money. When you call us for plumbing or electrical services, we’ll provide a free estimate, so you have an idea of what you’re going to pay before we start working.

Experienced Electrician Wanted

We have an immediate opening for an experienced, qualified, and licensed electrician to work in our Rockford field office. We expect you to have your own tools and can supplement them with equipment and supplies needed to do the job well.

Job duties include:

  • Installing electrical wiring in buildings and on poles.
  • Troubleshooting blackouts and malfunctions.
  • Diagnosing and repairing electrical appliances.
  • Connecting wiring to electrical circuits and networks.
  • Installing, inspecting, and replacing wiring, insulated cables, and other components.

You must have proven experience as an electrician and know the safety procedures, regulations, and guidelines for safe installation and repairs.
The job requires excellent critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. You also must be in good physical condition and capable of working in a variety of weather conditions. You must have a valid license to work as a professional electrician in Illinois. You also should have a diploma in electrical vocational training or have completed an apprenticeship to become an electrician.