Lighting Upgrade in Rockford, IL


Updating your lighting can be a big job. You may think you can handle it yourself, but it is always best to get the help of a professional company for the best experience possible. There are some great upgrades that can be made to your lighting fixtures to help make them more efficient and safer as well.

At A1 Affordable Electric & Plumbing, we can rebuild/convert 8Ft 2 bulb fixtures to 2-bulb 4-foot ballast-free LED fixtures with new wire harnesses and wiring. The advantages are that it turns an old fixture into an essentially new fixture. You no longer have to guess whether it is the bulb or the ballast moving forward because there is no longer a ballast (so it is always the bulb). If a bulb goes out, the fixture doesn’t use fluorescent bulbs which contain mercury (a known neurotoxin). The cost per 8-foot fixture for parts and labor is $190.00. We also upgrade 2 bulb or any number you have to LED.

We can help you with LED installation, LED commercial lighting retrofit, LED shop light upgrade, repair and maintenance for commercial and industrial businesses and property managers. We can help you get your space looking great and can help to convert your lights to LED quickly and easily.

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  • Benefits of LED Lighting

    The main benefit of converting your lighting to LED lighting is that it is going to be more energy efficient. LED is one of the most energy-efficient options that you as a business owner have. The technology is also rapidly developing, so there are sure to be more updates and changes over the next few years to help make it even more beneficial.

  • LED uses about 50% less energy than your typical lighting options, so you can expect lower energy bills as well. These bulbs last longer and are going to take less replacement. They are also safer and resist vibration, so if you are dealing with a business where vibration might be an issue, your LED lights are going to be able to resist that.
  • LED lighting is a fantastic way to upgrade your space, make it look better and function better, and help you save money. These durable, efficient, and safe bulbs are a fantastic alternative to your typical lighting options, making them a great option for all businesses.
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